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Every morning you can get orders special to your portfolio to your mobile phone and responding to that message you can give orders.
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Market Statistics (Update: 30.11.2015 04:17:13 )
USD/TL 2,2432 -0,03   XU030 92713 0   DAX 8773,5 0,6
USD/Yen 78,8235 0,48   XU100 75638 0   DowJones 16323 -0,05
Euro/USD 1,2816 0,12   XUMAL 97309 0   Nikkei 9238,1 -0,24
Euro/TL 2,8757 0,11   XUSIN 77252 0   S&P500 1346,5 0,32

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Announcements from Capital Markets Board of Turkey about brokerage houses’ gudelines regarding  public enlightenment…
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